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Agra is one of the best cities which pack in modernity and vintage. There are some awesome relics within and outside the periphery of the city. It has been the pride of the Mughal dynasty. Even the world famous monument of love, Taj Mahal is a part of the city. It’s once in a lifetime experience to visit the timeless city. It is a remarkable feeling to be a part of the hubbub of the historical, yet contemporary destination. Hire a bike on rental and zip all the way from Agra to Fathehpur Sikri. Avail bikes from first class rental services in Agra, UP.

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In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, lies a perfect city whose roots are embedded deep in history. A perfect weekend option from Delhi, the city boasts of a glorious past and rich history. It is also one of the best international holiday destinations in the country. Agra is a living example of exquisite Mughal architecture, art and culture Agra is home to a number of tourist attractions, three of which are World Heritage Sites. Exploring it on a bike is the best way to discover every facet of the city. Hire the most reliable bike rental Agra has to offer.

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Agra in recent times has made an amazing advancement in its hospitality and infrastructure. Agra’s history dates back to the Hindu epic Mahabharat, when it was one of the forest covers of Mathura. This destination should certainly feature on every traveler’s must-visit list. It is a perfect amalgamation of history, culture and industrialization. Famous for Petha and Dal Moth, Agra is a delight for foodies and shopaholics. The best way to explore every nook and corner of Agra is on two wheels. You could either choose a bike, motorcycle, Scooty on hire in Agra – if you wish to travel all by yourself.

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Agra is a city of rich historical and architectural heritage. The land of the Taj Mahal is visited by a large number of tourists every year. The monument that has come to eternally symbolize love is a favourite for both Indian and foreign tourists. The artisans of Agra also produce fine works of art and craft, culinary delicacies made in the archaic style. You can savour them all across the city. It is a few hours drive away from Delhi. You can undertake local day tours by availing a Motorcycle for Rental Services in Agra. A popular weekend getaway from Delhi, and a part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, you can roam all hot spots on a bike

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When you want to head to a destination with a historical connection, Agra is the first place that comes to mind. Agra was also believed to be an abode of the ancient race of Aryans. It offers a heck of a memorable experience which can be truly experienced when you undertake a trip and have a first-hand sojourn of the city. When you pay a visit to Agra, you will be transported to the time , back to the Mughal era. To explore this place all by yourself, you need a bike. Avail a motorcycle on rent in Agra and you are in for a mesmerizing treat.

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One of the most visited tourist destinations of India, Agra is a time-travel for many tourists who decide to visit the most romantic city of India. One can visit anytime of the year and notice a lot of revelers who throng to the destination irrespective of the season. The beauty of Agra’s monuments is a mesmerizing visual treat for all the tourists. The culinary delights and the leather footwear are reputed all throughout the country. If you want to avoid the tourist rush book a 2 wheeler from an Activa Scooty Rental to scoot around the city. Be it a Bullet, Avenger, Activa, make sure you hire in Agra itself.

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Agra is the crème-de-la-crème of India’s artistic and cultural heritage. It is home to some of the India’s greatest historical and architectural gems. Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life behind and head straight to Agra — visiting the Taj Mahal, the eternal epitome of love. Witness this incredible historical relic building and other UNESCO-listed heritages including the Agra Fort. For local exploration, hire the best bike rental service in Agra for all sorts of intra-city tours.