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Bike Rental Delhi offered by Hills Bike Adventure is a first-class rental services in Delhi NCR Since 2001.

The capital city of Delhi is one of the most frequent journey destinations in the world. Rightly labeled as the microcosm of India, it is a melting pot of all co-existing cultures and diaspora in India. A perfect amalgamation of the old and the new, constantly intermingling to churn out something new, it is a perfect tourist hotspot. Even though you will find all sort of conveyances available in the city, it is best to explore the capital of India on a motorycycle. Hire the best bike on rental Delhi offers. Hills Bike Adventure is a first class rental services operator in Delhi NCR since 2001.

Bike, Motorcycle Hire in Delhi

Bike Rental Delhi- Hills Bike Adventure

Who doesn’t know about Delhi? Bifurcated into two before Independence, Delhi has a unique mixed platter to offer to its tourists. New Delhi with its neat tree-lined avenues, political establishments and posh eateries is every contemporary shopper’s delight. On the other hand, Old Delhi of bustling street bazaars and Mughal-era relics, offers ethnic flavors from the medieval times is a vintage treat for those who appreciate the classic aristocratic culture. Don’t spoil your fun by roaming in a car. Grab a bike from the best bike rental Delhi offers and experience Delhi like never before.

Bike, Motorcycle, Scooty on Hire in Delhi, India

Delhi is an interesting mix of the hoi polloi and the elites, the vintage and the modern, of ordinary and extra-ordinary. Divided into New Delhi and Old Delhi, both parts of the city are equally interesting. Geographically divided, each area has its own charm and unique features. Depending on your tastes, explore Chandni Chowk, Saket or any other part of Delhi. To get around the city quickly, all by yourself, don’t opt for the Metro makes but avail a bike, motorcycle or Scooty on hire in Delhi. Make sure you choose the best bike rentals in the city.

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Delhi is a city where time travel is feasible. Step aboard your time machine (the sleek and efficient metro) and you can go from Old Delhi, where labourers haul sacks of spices and jewellers weigh gold on dusty scales, to modern New Delhi, with its colonial-era parliament buildings and penchant for high tea.

Bike, Motorcycle on Rent in Delhi

Bike, Motorcycle on Rent in Delhi

If you have just arrived in Delhi and you have just a day to explore the city, then hire a motorcycle on rent in Delhi. With a little planning and rented bike, you will be able to roam most of Delhi. Enjoy all the moments and soak in the sights of New and Old Delhi. Start early so that you can make the most of your time. Not only is Delhi is the capital of India, it is a melting pot of various cultures. It is also the seat of Indian Government. So make it a point to visit the political buildings as well. Built by the British Mughals and other invaders, Delhi is a perfect mix of Indian culture and foreign diaspora.

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Delhi is a historical city and one of the popular international destinations for all kinds of tourists. It is full of political epitaphs of ancient, medieval and modern eras. Each of its ancient monuments has a story to tell. The Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, Purana Qila, the Qutab Minar reminds are some of the relics which are located in different parts of the city.  Same can be said about modern buildings like Parliament House, Rashtriapati Bhawan, Vikas Minar. So if you want to cover them comfortably, then you need to hire a two wheeler in Delhi. You can hire two wheeler in Delhi – Bullet, Avenger, Activa Scooty rental, work best for roaming Delhi.

Best Bike Rental Services Delhi to Manali For Tours

Delhi, the Indian capital, is also one of the centrally located destinations. Tourists in and around Delhi can reach to any corner of the country from Delhi itself, thanks to the highway network of the Delhi NCR region. There are many popular destinations around Delhi as well. Jaipur, Agra and Delhi form the golden triangle. You can even travel as far as Manali, right from Delhi. So why not hire the best bike rental services – Delhi to Manali, for tours. It will be a great road trip and unparalleled adventure for thrill seekers.